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Working Very Hard But You Don’t Have Any Tangible Output! Why?

’I know that you are working very hard but this does not make you and anyone else see your output’’

Have you ever encountered such a kind of question from a Senior / Owner of your company? You are working hard, but your boss is still not happy.

After hearing this for the first time, you probably felt frustrated, confused and purposeless, right?

Why? Because we are all human beings and emotions play an important role in our decision-making process. Everyone likes to get praise for their work.

It wants to reward some natural human tendency after trying hard in a large quantity in something.

But tell me one thing:

How difficult is it when after trying in large quantities / actually working hard, someone raises questions about your output / effort / reliability?

No matter how passionate you are about your work, when your efforts are not rewarded with any kind of recognition, then it hurts.

Well, let’s also forget about getting recognition. If someone raises such questions about your output, then it means that your hard work is not only being recognized but it is potentially negatively impacting the project.

We know in business that the end result can not always be a big success. We also know that failure is a big part of the game. So if your output is not exempt from the expected, it does not mean that you have not worked hard.

There can be several reasons for failure, or not getting expected output. Not one of them is hard work, one of them is not necessary.

So whenever your boss is saying that he is not getting any solid output from your work, although you are working hard, then it is up to you to find out the reasons for trying to find solutions.

If the organizational protocol is not well maintained then it is your responsibility to take care of your specific set of activities. You should be the sole carer of your work accountability.

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Working Very Hard But You Don’t Have Any Tangible Output! Why?
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